The Oinkaris made their first “Super Trip” in 1964 to the New York World’s Fair and to Washington, D.C. This trip was made possible by the efforts and financial support of family and friends, as well as contributions of a fund-raising committee. The committee was led by William S Campbell who died in 2001. Bill’s wife Rosa Campbell, who died this summer, was also involved in this goal of making the New York trip a reality. The Oinkaris appreciate the support of our alumni who made donations in memory of Bill and Rosa.

The following donors were dancers with the Oinkaris on the trip in 1964:
Mary Louise and Ray Mansisidor
Toni Murelaga and Achabal family
Linda and Phil Aldape
Juliana Jausoro and John R Aldape
Toni Arana Bicandi
Regina Aldape and Stanley Welsh
Alice Urlezaga and Mike Kinnear
Albert Erquiaga

Donations made to Oinkari Basque Dancers help fund our costumes, equipment and travel expenses. Eskerrik Asko!!