Over 50 years ago, a proud young group of Basque Americans dreamed of creating a troupe to preserve and perform the unique dances of their ancient heritage. They journeyed to the Basque Country in the summer of 1960 in pursuit of this dream. In the midst of the mountains and sea coast where the Basque culture began, the young people met a group of dancers from the town of Donostia (or San Sebastian). The American visitors accompanied the dancing group to rehearsals and festivals that summer and the two groups became fast friends. In the enthusiasm and dedication of this dance troupe, the American Basques saw a perfect model for their own group in the United States. The friendship between the groups, born of a common heritage and love of the Basque tradition of dance, lead to the naming of the Basque American “dream” group after their Basque Country friends. They named the new group “Oinkari” (meaning one who does with his feet, or dancer in Euskera, the Basque language).

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“Ezina, ekinez egina”
Through effort and sacrifice, the impossible can be made possible