2022 Sheepherders Ball

Due to continuing Covid spread in our community this year’s Sheepherders Ball will take place virtually. Our primary recipient this year is the Gammon family.

In early August of this year Matt and Shelley Gammon noticed that their 8 year old son, Blake, had decreased energy, pain in his hips and legs, and frequent headaches. At first they chalked it up to growing pains, then Blake turned yellow! After blood workups the Gammons received the news that Blake has b-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He will need to undergo approximately three years of chemotherapy, many hospital stays, numerous visits to the doctor, and other hardships. The family does have medical insurance, but that will not cover all of their expenses. Your generous donation to Basque Foundation, Inc. will help ease the family’s financial burden during this long and difficult journey.