Our Basque club has two major milestones coming up that are well worth celebrating: in 2024 our Euzkaldunak Basque club (officially “Basque Foundation, Inc.”) celebrates 75 years, and in 2026, our beloved clubhouse– the Basque Center building at 601 Grove Street– celebrates 75 years!

The last major renovation and update of our building was completed in November 1973– a whopping 50 years ago! Fifty years will take a toll on any building, and the Basque Center is no exception. One thing’s for sure, though: the Basque Center at 601 Grove is the heart of the Boise Basque community, and we’re not moving anywhere!

We have to make changes to renew our facility. The Basque Center needs to be safe, accessible and code-compliant. We need a bar that is well-equipped and prepared to welcome and serve our membership and the community. Our building needs to be inviting and available to attract rentals for a variety of parties and events. We need to be able to provide the proper gathering place for the activities and events of our membership—particularly our unique customs and cultural celebrations. As mentioned in previous editions of this newsletter, the Renovation Committee is at work to scope and fundraise for the needed changes.

Since 2019 and through Covid, the Renovation Committee has been a work-in-progress, and that is the case today. We have done architectural plans that are shown on the two-page brochure shown on the following pages of this newsletter. To accomplish our renovation plans, we hope to acquire most of our funding from donations and pledges. Keep an eye out in subsequent newsletters for more information from the Renovation Committee, including how to get involved, or reach out to Mike Franzoia, Renovation Committee Chair.

Just as the 1973 Euzkaldunak Board of Directors acknowledged that we need to make some changes to get better and improve our Basque Center, be like Julian Achabal and say YES!

🔗 Basque Center Renovation One Pager, July 2023