Monthly Dinners to Resume

The Board has decided to resume our traditional monthly dinners, starting with the February Dinner. We are sensitive to COVID and understand [...]

Monthly Dinners to Resume2022-02-07T07:28:13-07:00

Basque Center Opening

In March of 2020, the Euzkaldunak Board and Basque Foundation had to make difficult decisions and take action to keep our community [...]

Basque Center Opening2021-05-23T13:17:41-06:00

Euzkaldunak Legacy Award

In 2001, the Euzkaldunak Board introduced the Legacy Award. This award is given to individuals who have exhibited a long-term commitment to [...]

Euzkaldunak Legacy Award2021-05-23T13:17:35-06:00

Boise State Basque Studies

Basque Studies at Boise State offers an exciting variety of weekend workshops, Basque language and culture courses, Basque language certificates, a Basque [...]

Boise State Basque Studies2021-05-23T12:55:57-06:00


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