The 2019 San Inazio Basque Festival has ended. Over the last three days, the Boise Basque Block hosted thousands of Basques and people embracing the Basque Culture. We were entertained by world renowned dancers , nationally recognized musicians and exceptional athletes. We ate paella, chorizo, solomo, croquettes and pinxtos, which we washed down with beer, wine, kalimotxo, sangria, cider and picon punch. We picnicked in the park and enjoyed both games of our children and feats of strength with txinga eramatea. We talked, sang, danced, renewed friendships and made many new friends (both Basque and non-Basque).

As president of the Basque Foundation, I’d like to extend a big ESKERRIK ASKO to our Board of Directors and the many, many volunteers who all worked together to make the event a great success.

I hope to see everybody the week of July 27, 2021 to August, 1 2021 for Jaialdi 2021.

Zintzotasunez Zurea,
Ed Orbea

“Jateko eta edateko jakitea nahikoa da jakitea”
To know how to eat and to drink is to know enough

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