A donation in someone’s name to the Basque Foundation (501 c3 non-profit company) is a unique way to honor an extraordinary person who has touched your life. Your memorial gift no matter how modest, will help the Basque Foundation maintain and improve its facilities and support our activities. A donation to our charity account, no matter how modest will help those in need. The Foundation hopes that you will consider donating on a regular basis to advance our continuing activities and outreach efforts.

Your memorial gift is used in a variety of ways at the discretion of the board:

Supporting Annual Flower Baskets & Flags – The annual implementation of the hanging flower baskets and outdoor flags have allowed our members as well as visitors to the Basque Block to enjoy a variety of beautiful, unique and colorful additions. Look at almost every travel journal that showcases the Basque Block and you will see a Spring or Summer photo of the Basque Center with its colorful flags and flowers. Your donation helps the Foundation maintain these attractive displays.

Supporting the Physical Facility – Built in 1949 as a social club and gathering place, the Basque Center has played an important role in the history of the Basques in Boise. The Basque Center helps maintain the Basque heritage by supporting Basque dancing, events, and gatherings. The Basque community all across the Treasure Valley comes together for different annual events such as Basque card tournaments, the San Inazio festival, and the Morzilla dinner featuring Basque blood sausage. Your donation helps the Foundation maintain the interior and exterior of this historic building.

Supporting Future Programs – The Basque Foundation’s main mission is to foster, promulgate and spread the Basque culture and heritage to its members, its member’s children, grandchildren, and their issue, the public, friends and supporters of the Basque community in the State of Idaho or elsewhere through the offering of educational programs and activities focusing on, but not limited to, Basque studies, music, dancing, cuisine, and recreational activities. In order to do this, the Board and staff members work to provide more programming and events to the public. Your contributions help fund such activities.

Your charity donation is used at the discretion of the board to:

Supporting Basque Charities – The Basque Foundation also has the mission to provide economic assistance to any person falling ill or maimed within the State of Idaho or elsewhere. The Sheepherder’s Ball Dinner and Dance raise money to help individuals and families in need throughout the year. Your contributions provide assistance to help those in need.