In 2001, the Euzkaldunak Board introduced the Legacy Award. This award is given to individuals who have exhibited a long-term commitment to the goals of Euzkaldunak. Nominations for the 2018 Legacy Award are now open. If you would like to nominate someone, please write a short letter with the nominee’s name and a description of their accomplishments, and either email it to [email protected]​. or give it to any current board member. The board will review the nominations and the recipients will be announced at the April or May Dinner.

Past Legacy Award recipients:
2001: John Bastida, Jay Hormaechea, Ramon Ysursa 2002: Dorothy Aldecoa, Domingo Ansotegui, Jimmy Jausoro
2003: Don Dick, Benito Goitiandia, Florencio “Pancho” Aldape
2004: Hank & Gerri Achurra, Albert Erquiaga, Inaki Eiguren
2005: Julian Lachiondo, Mari Carmen Totorica, Dave & Jeannie Eiguren
2006: Isabel Jausoro, Julian Achabal 2007: Louis Jausoro, Early Kitchen Crew (acknowledged)
2008: Linda Barinaga, Gina Ansotegui Urquidi,
Fergie Larrondo
2009: Carmen Solosabal, Rose Arregui Dick, Juan Oleaga
2010: Flora Aldazabal, Bryan Day, Domingo Arrizabalaga
2011: Simon Achabal, Diana Sabala
2012: Rash Iglesias
2013: Ron Sabala
2014: Tony Arrubarrena
2015: Ray Mansisidor
2016: Dan Ansotegui, Mary Lou Murelaga Guerricabeitia
2017: Julian Lete