Thank you to all of the volunteers for making this year’s mortzilla making process fun and successful.

As always, volunteers put in many hours preparing for the event to ensure things ran smoothly. Several people worked two or more days on the project. Thanks for your extra efforts.

Thank you to Jesus Alcelay for cooking for the workers all week, not to mention serving a great dinner on Saturday night!

Thank you to Rosa Marie Guerricabeitia and Coro Goitiandia for selling the cooked food items.

Listed below are volunteers who helped make mortzillas this year. If you helped out and your name is not listed, we sincerely apologize!

For those of you who couldn’t help this year, we hope to see you next year and for those of you who have never helped, you don’t know what you are missing.

We encourage you to volunteer in this unique experience while helping Euzkaldunak with one of our fundraising efforts.

In 2017: 2003 Mortzillas were made
In 2016: 1469 mortzillas were made
In 2015: 2,086 mortzillas were made
In 2014: 1,913 mortzillas were made
In 2013: 3,130 mortzillas were made
In 2012: 2,995 mortzillas were made.
In 2011: 2,678 mortzillas were made.

Mortzilla Dinner this year was a great success and we appreciate everyone’s efforts in keeping the tradition going. A huge thank you to Sean Aucutt for organizing the workers and the schedule for the week before the dinner to make the mortzillas. Without his expertise and organization, we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy mortzillas!

Mortzilla Making Volunteers

Ben Goitiandia, Flora Aldazabal, Maryilyn Sarasqueta, Phil Sarasqueta, Jerry Aldape, Tyler Smith, Josu Menaka, Martin Bilbao, John Boyd, Jesus Acelay, Joni Krakau, Herb Krakau, John Krakau, Marie Day, Brian Day, Toni Berria, Anita Jausoro, Annie Gavica, Luisa Bilbao, Fermin Bilbao, Teresa Franzoia, Javier Arrieta, Miren Luaghrin, Vicky Fitzgerald, Sean Aucutt, Susan Gavica, Richard Gavica, Johnny Aldape, Hannah Johnson, Tom Aucutt, Mary K Aucutt, Andi Goyheetche-Krueger, Alex Wray, Julian Lete, Louis Uranga, Begona Zabala, Ricardo Yanci, Louie Uranga, Mike Landa, Julian Lete, Teresa Larrocea, Tony Larrocea, Gayle Hatch, German Olabarri, Jose Mari Maguregui, Maite Irribarren-Gorrindo, Juan Egana, , John Wilson, Dolores Totorica, Mike Landa, Ricardo Yanci, Nate Whitely, Fran Robinson, Mike Amestoy, Javier Urquidi, Santos Areitio, Jose Manuel Arriaga, Javier Guerricabeitia, Christina Rhoades, Steve Achabal, Alicia Lachiondo, Carmen Lete, John Cantrel, Jeannene Boyd, Max Boyd

New recruit of the year: Mike Amestoy; Thanks for all the help this year!

Leslie Alexandra Lucas-Recio and Manuel Recio for delivery and donation of blood!

A special thank you to Fiddlers Green Farm: Justin Moore, Davis McDonald, Henry Allsworth, Alex Bowman-Brown for growing our leeks and parsley again this year.