The Basque Foundation Charities have selected Kristen and Nikko Worthington as their 2017 Primary Recipient.  We will be honoring our 2017 Primary Recipient at the Sheepherders Ball this Saturday, December 16th, 2018.  Please show your support by donating to help a wonderful family through a difficult time.

Kristen and Nikko Worthington reside with their family in Meridian, ID. In January of this year Kristen was feeling fatigued and out of balance, but brushed it off since she attributed it to being a busy mother, getting through the holidays, and just having an active and demanding life. Soon after, she found a lump in her breast. This led to a disheartening diagnosis of an aggressive form of breast cancer. It was a diagnosis that blindsided both Kristen, her husband Rick and their four children.

On Valentine’s Day 2017, just two days after her 43rd birthday, Kristen underwent surgery to remove the primary tumor. Her recovery since the surgery has been difficult, and with complications. She had to undergo a second surgery for a hematoma, then blood clots developed in her lungs, and of course an intense regimen of chemotherapy. Her current treatment plan is that she will need to continue with chemotherapy treatments through most of 2018. She will then have a medication regimen to follow for five years upon the completion of her chemotherapy.

As Kristen and her family were processing and managing the realization of her cancer, an unimaginable event occurred. In May of this year Nikko started to tell his parents about his problems with back pain, nausea, and a lack of desire to eat. The pain, nausea and weight loss became so great an MRI was employed. The MRI found two broken vertebrae in Nikko’s lower back, but also picked up a succession of tumors.

Further testing and evaluation took place. It was determined that Nikko’s kidneys were at the verge of acute failure and more cancer was found throughout his bone marrow, compromising his vertebrae, skull, pelvis, legs, and other bones throughout his body. Doctors came back with a horrific diagnosis that Nikko was in Stage 4 Rhabdomysarcoma, also known as RMS. A very rare type of cancer where only 350 new cases are diagnosed each year within the United States. RMS is a cancer usually only found in children.

Nikko is currently an 8th grader at Heritage Middle School. He is receiving his care through both St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital as well as Seattle Children’s Hospital.

On Friday, June 30th, Nikko and Kristen shared a common experience that most of us hope and pray we never to have to go through: they both received chemotherapy on the same day, at the same place, and at the same time. A totally unplanned, completely unimaginable moment just a few months before. Kristen and Nikko will continue to share this experience for at least the next year.

Along with the enormity of the situation of not just one member of this family experiencing cancer, but two, anyone can imagine not just the physical and emotional consequences for all, but also the financial stresses that now pressure the family.

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