Boiseko Gazteak 2021 - 2022 Registration

  • Notes: Please fill in dancer(s) age as of 10/1/2021. Dancer(s) MUST turn 4 BEFORE 10/1/2021 to participate in Boiseko Gazteak
    Dancer(s) First NameAgeBirthdate (MM/DD/YY) 
  • Please identify if any of your dancers have any Special Needs or Allergies that teachers and/or staff would need to know about.
    Dancer(s) First NameAllergiesSpecial Needs / Concerns 
  • Costume Information

    Boiseko Costumes New and Used Survey Link: Boiseko Costume Survey

  • Volunteer Information

    Boiseko Volunteer Registration Link 2021 - 2022: Sign Up Genius

    Boiseko Gazteak requires a $200 deposit at the time of registration. Please make the check payable to Boiseko Gazteak.

    Checks will be held until after the following year's registration. Parents of Boiseko Dancers are required to volunteer for 2 (two) events per family. Please identify online which events you will volunteer to work at for the 2021-2022 year. Your name and contact information will be given to the Chairperson coordinating volunteers for that event - they will then contact you. IF you do not fulfill your commitment to volunteer for 2 events, your $200.00 check will be cashed. FULFILLING YOUR COMMITMENT is defined as actually showing up and working your assigned shift -- not just SAYING you'll volunteer.