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The April Anniversary Dinner and Dance is scheduled for Saturday, April 23 . This dinner will be hosted by Boise State Center for Basque Studies.

The doors will open to the dining room at 6:00 PM with dinner being served buffet-style at 6:30 PM. Prior to entering the dining room, please pick up your reservation ticket in the bar. You will need it to pay for dinner. You will be able to pay in cash, check, or credit card at the door. No online prepay will be available for this dinner.

April 2022 dinner menu:
Tossed salad with Onati Dressing
Amuma’s Meatballs in a Rich Brown Sauce
Whitefish in a Oriotarra Sauce
Rice with Clams and Peas
Homemade Bread and Butter
Wine and Coffee

Monthly Dinner Prices
Senior Members (65 and older): $14
Members (11 to 64): $15
Guests (non-members of any age): $20
Children (10 and under): $5

Please make your dinner reservations by using the reservation link on the Basque Center website at www.basquecenter.com. If you are unable to make your reservation online, please call in or text your reservation to 208-572-0604.

Free babysitting service will be available during the dinner. With your dinner reservation, please indicate if you will need babysitting, along with the names and ages of the children.

The deadline for dinner reservations is 8:00 PM on Tuesday, April 19. Please note that reservations called into the bar will not be accepted, and reservations left after April 19 will not be accepted

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