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To see photos from the weekend tournament (courtesy of the Idaho Statesman), click here.

Eusko Kirolak is a newly formed group to help promote the education and preservation of traditional Basque sports here in Boise and throughout the state of Idaho. We have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Euzkaldunak and the Fronton Association to organize and conduct the sporting events at this year’s San Inazio celebration.

We have invited a group of 7 male and 2 female paleta players from San Francisco to come to Boise for a tournament. The majority of the tournament will take place throughout Friday, with the men’s championship game taking place on Saturday along with the women’s finale. Times and matchups are listed below.

During the many cultural events taking place on the Basque Block Saturday afternoon, a traditional Basque weightlifting exhibition will be conducted by John Vergara from 2:00 – 2:30 PM. On the Basque Block from 3:30 – 4:00 PM, there will be a sokatira (tug-of-war) competition between officers from the Boise Police Department and the Meridian Police Department. Don’t miss this great opportunity to come out and see Boise and Meridian’s finest while they support our Basque community. Saturday’s outdoor sporting events will wrap up with a txinga-carrying exhibition.

On Sunday evening, we will have an esku-pilota (handball) exhibition between local Basque athletes. Paleta and esku games will take place in the fronton of the Anduiza Building. The format of the paleta tournament is different than previous years since the majority of teams will be made up of one player from Boise and one from San Francisco.

Friday’s paleta matches and times include:
9:00 AM: Gabriel Dalia/ Jason Retherford vs. Xabier Berrueta/ Jude Gary
10:00 AM: Lino Zabala/ Philippe Garat vs. John Bieter/ Mike Bidart
11:00 AM: Adam Krueger/ Dave Indart vs. Jeremy Malone/ Aitor Berrueta
12:00 PM: Jason Crawforth/ John Krakau vs. Edu Sarria/ Marco Unhassobiscay

Semifinal games will start at 6:00 PM on Friday, July 25 in conjunction with Friends and Family night at the Basque Center.

Saturday at 4:00 PM, the women’s paleta championship game will take place, followed by the men’s paleta championship at 4:45 PM.

On Sunday, to help wrap up the weekend of fun and entertainment, there will be an esku-pilota exhibition starting at 6:30 PM. We encourage everyone to come out, have a great time, and support the athletes as well as traditional Basque sports in our area. All events described are open to the public and free of charge.

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