Boiseko Gazteak

Boiseko Parents: If you are not receiving periodic emails with information about Boiseko, please send us an email with your email address and child’s name.

Group Organization:
Txikituak (4-5 years old) (must be at least 4 by Oct. 1, 2016) - Basque Center main hall
Azkarrak (6-7 years old) - Basque Center basement
Txulitoak (8-10 years old) - Fronton (enter from Grove St.)
Nagusiak (11-14 years old) - Basque Museum classroom

2017 Calendar:

07/25/17 - San Inazio practice at 7PM
07/29/17 - San Inazio performance (Basque Block)
12/03/17 - Winter Show/Christmas Party

Here are just a few reminders for practice:

• Please have your dancer at the specified location on time and ready to dance, wearing their dancing shoes or a pair of comfortable shoes.
• Send your dancer to practice with a filled water bottle for refreshment. (Most locations don’t have drinking water available.)
• Take inventory of what your dancer takes with them to practice, and remind to pick up all their belongings at the end.
• As the weather gets colder, please send them in warm clothing (especially for the Txulitoak group in the Fronton!).

Boiseko Gazteak Board Members

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to contact any of the Boiseko Gazteak Board Members listed below:

Johnny Aldape – Chairman
Phone: 208.761.2121 or email
Trina Lemmon-Baker – Costumes
Phone: 208.860.8869 or email
Heather Totoricaguena – Costumes
Phone: 208.860.9392 or email
Nikki Totorica – Music and Musicians
Phone: 208.867.2175 or email
Melissa Wolfe – Volunteer Coordinator
Phone 208.890.9371 or email

Boiseko Gazteak Board group email

To see a brief clip of the Boiseko Gazteak performing at the Jim Jausoro Gogoan, click on the following link (to save to your computer, right click the link, and select "Save Target As...").
Boiseko_perf-Jausoro_Gogoan_2007.mpg (8 MB)


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